Kim Hyun Joong: Photogenic Angel, Hardworking Angel

Browsing pics of my Angel today.  Whether it’s fan pics/cams, magazine covers, live concert shots, or professional photoshoots… only our Angel can appear beautiful in every shot.  No matter what angle, outfit, quality of photo… it is impossible for him to look bad!  😀  *sigh*  I get a blessing just looking at his loveliness.  Read about his spread in a Thai Mag and see actual scans of the article here:

Hyun Joong’s Angelic Aura

Angel Hyun Joong works harder and has more energy than a Tasmanian Devil!  LOL!  See his effort at the Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival 2012 in Japan.  Apparently he was invited to participate as a special guest for the final stage and had the longest time slot performing 7 songs and performed the finale with the fireworks beginning as he was leaving the stage.  I can only imagine how beautiful and exciting that must have been for his fans who attended from all over Asia.  Some made special vacation plans just to see Hyun Joong at the Festival.  How beautiful is that!  Source:

Hyun Joong is happy to be on stage even in the Blazing Heat.

Hyun Joong’s passion is obvious in this photo from the Fireworks Festival.

Hyun Joong works hard to give his best for his happy fans.

KHJ accomplished another award by topping the Oricon charts in Japan and selling 196,850 copies of HEAT.  The Golden Disc award is given to artists who sell over 100,000 copies of their records in Japan.  Even TVXQ won the same award and played to over 550,00 fans in Japan, I believe Japan will remember KHJ longer!  He is just that impressive.  Next time he goes back for them, their numbers will have grown larger as Aliens spread their love to others and create new fans!  I really don’t believe it’s about numbers here.  It’s about the impact our Angel has on the hearts of his fans.  It creates a bond that can never be broken.  I have liked some songs of TVXQ before when they were DBSK.  But, since I met my Hyun Joong, I am following him with every bit of my strength.  I only know their news because it was mixed in with his news!  ;D  So, that’s how it is when the Angel touches your heart.  There is just no room for other idol stars.  Source:

Angel wing revealed! Hyun Joong can’t hide his Heavenly Status!

Well, that’s all I have time for today!  Here are more pics to feast your eyes… and a couple of him sleeping like and Angel.  He actually does sleep!  Apparently he sleeps pretty much anywhere and is hard to wake!  Well, he has to if he is going to get any sleep at all!

wow! look at those sexy abs!

So cut and fit, but a little too much ribs for oeimoni! I like him filled in!

Yummy… that’s all I have to say!

aww so sweet Angel in White.

This looks like a real nap! The above was a calendar photo and probably staged… unless he fell asleep on set! Highly possible! It’s certainly happened before!

An old photo in his favorite color… His fringed scarf looks like angel wings for sure… and that cute little smile!

4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong: Photogenic Angel, Hardworking Angel

  1. FanJoong says:

    Thank you.
    You describe my thinking and feeling.
    I only follow Hyun Joong, no time for any other idols, and only konw them within news about HJ.
    Nice to know your site.

    • ohcheonsa says:

      Thank you! I am pleased that others enjoy my thoughts about my Angel Hyun Joong. I am enjoying sharing! Nice to meet you!

  2. ano says:

    hi,allow me to say you have created one great blog about Angel HJ^^ love it!..and please allow me too share it?..Thank you^^ God Bless!!

    • ohcheonsa says:

      Thank you! I worked hard on it, but it was a labor of love. I am glad you enjoy! Share away! That is the beauty of loving KHJ. We just want to share him with the world!

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