Kim Hyun Joong: Married to an Angel

My daily inpsiration is Kim Hyun Joong.  I follow him for more than just the entertainment he provides.  He has made me evaluate my life, my goals, and modify my daily activities.  I am in love with my Angel Hyun Joong and I am in love with the fans I have met in the Alien world.  This dedication has inspired me to begin writing about my own experience with the man that is Kim Hyun Joong.   LazerKim shared in her blog today about this daily need to be with Kim Hyun Joong.  It was in keeping with some thoughts that have been brewing in my mind for some time.  I am sometimes afraid my addiction to my Angel may be unhealthy.  I am not in a relationship, nor do I have children.  I am single and carefree in that regard.  I do sometimes wonder if I would be just as crazy for him if I weren’t.  It seems LazerKim has readers from all walks of life that are just as much in love with him and follow him as obsessively as I do.  I had to stop and wonder why?  Why, once the Angel of the East is in your heart, are you unable to walk away?

Hyun Joong reaches out to his fans and arrests their hearts.

For me, it all started with Boys over Flowers.  I actually watched it twice through on netflix.  It was my first Korean Drama.  I watched it the second time because of Kim Hyun Joong.  I would even skip episodes he didn’t have much screentime and rewatch my favorites with his scenes.  I googled his name and read everything I could get my hands on.  I learned about Playful Kiss and watched it streaming online.  I wasn’t as crazy about that drama, but watched every episode anyway because Kim Hyun Joong was in it.  At that time, I didn’t know it, but it was like a courtship.  I watched the reality show We got Married with his staged marriage to Hwangbo.  I really started falling for him then.  I was able to see his real personality in those episodes.  I think it was the sweet song he wrote for her Falling Slowly that really grabbed my heart.  I actually cried.

I was Falling Slowly for Hyun Joong

He was so hilarious in We got Married.  I laughed until my sides hurt and tears streamed down my face.  He was so playful and sweet.  The show ribbed him alot about being young and acting like a child.  I was enthralled precisely because he was this way.  He simply lived with all his passion and joy.  It was refreshing, and it made me see myself in a new way.  I just wanted to live my life the way he did.  Simply with passion and joy.  He was so ALIVE.  It just made me begin to think about him more and more.

Hyun Joong cutting up with Hwangbo

And so my heart began to be taken.  I was not in control of this crazy situation.  I was thinking to myself, “Seriously, you are too old to be crushing on a pop star.  It’s just a phase.  It will pass.”  I would shake my head vigorously and try to focus on other “more important” things.  All to no avail.  Hyun Joong was still on my mind.  I would scour the internet for news of him daily.  By this time, he had just started his Japanese tour for Kiss Kiss and Lucky Guy.  I dowloaded all the music I could find with his name attached.  Whether it was each new release in Japan or his old songs with SS501.  As I was listening, I began to repeat the words and sing along.  I had no idea what I was saying, but I was having a great time.  I would dance around looking silly in my apartment and just smile until my face hurt.  Why?  He just made me feel good.  Period.

Now, if that doesn’t make you feel good… Thank you Kathy’s Bench for these limited edition Breakdown photos

And so it was.  I was in love with Kim Hyun Joong.  I couldn’t help it.  He just charmed and smiled his way into my heart.  Every day, I read more things that made me continue falling.  When I read about his fan meetings in June, July and August 2012 and the handshake events, I was lost in love.  There was no other but Hyun Joong.  His passion for his fans touched me personally.  I felt connected with him like I somehow knew him personally.  It’s insane, because I don’t.  Not like I know my family.  Not like I know my friends.  It was while reading his letters to his fans on that I realized why I felt this strong connection.

Hyun Joong’s message to his fans after reading his Birthday messages June 6, 2012.

I was frustrated at first because I can’t read Hangul.  I found them in English and read every one.  My heart was soft and warm and I felt like he was having a conversation with me.  I realized then.  He really is like a personal friend because he is so warm and giving to his fans.  Not only to his fans, but to everyone in his world.  He named his dogs Art and Matic after his dance company.  He laughs and cuts up with his costars on the set of City Conquest.  Wherever Hyun Joong is, people are happy and smiling.  It is his warmth that draws us in and his warmth that gives us that special bond.

Ahhh, Hyun Joong, we “heart” you too!
Thanks mitzi at
for this actual photo of a photo poster in S. Korea. Cute stunt with the Oh Ha Ni pic in his heart shaped hands!

So, my relationship with KHJ has progressed.  I realized today while reading comments from LazerKim’s readers that it is like a marriage to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong.  We notice him.  (Love at first sight?)  We get curious about him.  (Courtship)  We fall for him… hard.  (Engagement)  We become fiercely committed to him.  (I do!)  And we continue to stay at his side.  (Married!  There’s no going back!)

I have a song from my past that I started listening to again because it was the exact words my heart felt for Hyun Joong.  It’s called “From this Moment on”  by Shania Twain.  The lyrics are as follows:

(I do swear that I’ll always be there.
I’d give anything and everything and I will always care.
Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow,
For better or worse, I will love you with
Every beat of my heart.)
From this moment life has begun
From this moment you are the one
Right beside you is where I belong
From this moment on

From this moment I have been blessed
I live only for your happiness
And for your love I’d give my last breath
From this moment on

I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can’t wait to live my life with you, can’t wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn’t give
From this moment on

You’re the reason I believe in love
And you’re the answer to my prayers from up above
All we need is just the two of us
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
From this moment
I will love you as long as I live
From this moment on

[ Lyrics from: ]

Life Together with Hyun Joong

I believe the words of that song are what Hyun Joong feels for his fans as well.   He demonstrates his deep love for us with his actions and his words.  And so we are doing life together with Hyun Joong.  Everyday he comes with us to work, school, play, appointments, shopping, exercising, whatever we are doing he is in on our computer, t.v., media player.  But most importantly, he is in our hearts.  We carry him there for always.  Angel of the East:  Kim Hyun Joong.

38 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong: Married to an Angel

  1. ing says:

    Nice,how the way you tell hox you falling in love with him is so beautiful.yes, right!me to…when I watch BOF,I always skip the part that he’s not HIM.I do crazy with WGM, really… We,ALIEN FAMILY do love n care about HIM.Thanks for sharing your heart

    • ohcheonsa says:

      Thank you for reading. I’m glad I can express my heart, although it doesn’t quite seem enough at times. Some of the feelings I have for him are just hard to describe. I just do the best I can with the words I have. Thank you!

  2. dandelionhyun69 says:

    Ohh~~I wish I have the same ability as you guys to describe and write about how Kim Hyun Joong affects in me…I love reading everyone’s share of thoughts about Hyunjoong because I can always relate the same way they felt towards him…We’re in one with him…^^

    I hope you will keep being inspired sharing your thoughts about HJ…I certainly be among your visitor in this blog..keep it up~~:))..take care^^

    • ohcheonsa says:

      Thank you for visiting and enjoying. I still cannot express all that is in my heart for Hyun Joong. These words and images are the best I can do for him. I am glad others can enjoy and share here. Thank you!

  3. Noya says:

    Hey, thank you for sharing with us the inner feelings and your love, yes we all Aliens do share the same passion for KHJ. Your “From this moment” I think applies to all Aliens family, I really wish I had the ability, drive and mostly the time to share my feelings, but just reading your and other blogs make my day, part of my addiction to KHJ. Keep writing, will come visit again. 🙂

    • ohcheonsa says:

      Thanks, I will! 😉 I think I may have found my new happy place! Writing here about Hyun Joong! I look for comment notifications all morning and I’m having a great time. Thanks for coming by!

  4. Anon123 says:

    Hello there. It feels fuzzy warm reading someone’s nice thoughts about KHJ. It mirrors my feelings which helps me see myself and why i still follow him after 3 years. And nonstop, mind you.

    Keep writing and good luck to your blog!

  5. jafed23 says:

    I know excatly what you mean. I got to know of Hyun Joong when I watched BOF. I fell in love with him when I watched WMG. I love how playful and real he is. I especially love his voice! It soothes me everytime I hear it! 🙂

  6. FELICIA says:


  7. FELICIA says:


  8. TaDa says:

    I love his voice and movies too. I love him so much .

  9. I LOVE KIM HYUN JOONG ……. cheongmal

  10. Suganya sugi says:

    I like kim for. His my dear one. My oppa. Then please see tha post kim

  11. Suganya sugi says:

    I like kim for. His my dear one. My oppa. Then please see the post kim

  12. Astrid gail morancil says:

    What other movies that kim hyun joong made recently? Im an avid fan of him pls. If u know pls. Comment tnx

    • angeljoong86 says:

      Right now, Kim Hyun Joong is being featured in a Korean Variety show called Barefoot Friends:
      you can watch on drama fever for free… but, you will not be able to watch the newest episode for several weeks. I subscribe for $8.99/mo and can watch all the dramas I want including Boys over Flowers and Playful (Mischievous) Kiss starring Kim Hyun Joong…

  13. conny says:

    the feeling dat u are not de only one makes u feel better. i feel marginally better than i did a couple of hours ago.tnx

  14. angeljoong86 says:

    I am glad you are experiencing the healing power of Angel Kim Hyun Joong. I am blogging on a new site about him now…… come on over there to read about his latest activities! Thanks again for coming by and reading!

  15. ann morales says:

    just curious, is he have a gf right now? what about any future plans to go here again in the phil? just love him in bof…… i just felt the story ending should have a twist so that also to accommodate fans clamoring for jandi / ji hoo end up together, the writer to come up with a more complicated love story that happens also in real life……. i love him really. admire him, his simplicity but overpowering presence ( i think he’s not aware of that) man of few words but always end up laughing because the way he answered questions in innocent ways and not to mention his killer smiles…….

    • angeljoong86 says:

      no girlfriend at this time. At least he has not made an official announcement that I know of. Hyun Joong has promised his fans that he would not hide a relationship. If he was in one, we would know. He would make it public.

      • i wish that i can send some message to him . but how ? 😥 .

      • niranjana says:

        khj is grt….. my heart skips a beat wen i think of him… so wierd feeling and am not able to come out with such a feeling… gosh…… he s amazingly an inspiration to me

  16. Kim Hyun joong is very great guy…keep it up! Your fans are always there @ Kim Hyun Joong

  17. Neetika says:

    heyaaa… I m from INDIA…I m tooo crazy about him…and i cant help it….i first saw him on BOF n now i have searched a lot him n as i m doing this i getting so much touched…he is soooooo cute n playful…i might be little kiddish but i have now learned korean by only watching his show i.e. BOF….and also learned a song of him…i wish that i could soon meet him and sing his song in front of him which actually expresses my heart feelings…he is my first love…:)

  18. kim huyn joong s real fan says:

    It is really nice to be a fan of him ok go and follow him on instagram on kim huyn joong86

  19. Sugan says:

    I am From pondy(India) kim really i like you,Am a big fan of yours…..Am really impressed,I used to watch his dramas many times so far i have watched Playful kiss More than 16 times…Am really mad about him,,Sure i ll meet him once in my life tym..Long live kim..Keep fighting

  20. Suganya says:

    I am From pondy(India) kim really i like you,Am a big fan of yours…..Am really impressed,I used to watch his dramas many times so far i have watched Playful kiss More than 16 times…Am really mad about him,,Sure i ll meet him once in my life tym..Long live kim..Keep fighting

  21. Suganya says:

    Happy birthday in advance Kim..Long live…..

  22. Rohini says:

    I am proud to be Kim Hyun Jung fan.i think that i am blessed to be his fan. my prayer to god is i want to meet him at least once in my life time.i am Rohini (India) i request him to visit Chennai (Tamilnadu,India) at least once in his life time

  23. cookiealba says:

    Im falling in love with Kim hyun joong! How I wish I could see him in personal!

  24. dhivya says:

    U look soooo cute Kim am mad abt u!!!!

  25. Kayalvizhi says:

    hey kim i’m kayal(INDIA,TAMILNADU) & what a wonderful smile you have. then you have a bright future .

  26. Kayalvizhi says:

    then please see your facebook

  27. ritzz jusjee says:

    Seriously IM in love wit him too.. He is just soo perfect.. His smile kills me.. I wish I cud just once met him n cud tel him how much I m crazy bout him.. My most perfect, handsome n charming prince. I love u 😘


  29. Maryclaret says:

    hy senior kim hyun joony , am one of you fan ,i love music , and i also love your music , we have a little thing in common , i will love to see u but am not like those girls who are dying to see u or hug you ,i have my pride and dignity…. Am 15 years old ,hmmm i like u as my senior brother which i will love to have …. I always try to call u bt u never pick my calls . I will have to stop here … Bye till we meet

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