Kim Hyun Joong: Angel in Hiding

Oh… *sigh* no news today.  Just been browsing THOUSANDS of photos and finding my faves.  Here is a gallery for you to browse and enjoy.  I choose shots that I find particularly beautiful or that touch my heart or give me a visceral reaction!  keke  Enjoy Angelic Beauty as the pics play:

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OH!  ottokeyo!  What to do?  I am going crazy with no new photos or news on my Angel!  He is busy with filming and no pics have been posted or released for City Conquest in a week!  WAAAA! TT

OK… done having panic attack.  Seriously, we know he will be working hard to do his best performance, and I am dying to see him in this grown up and serious role.  I have heard the script has some funny scenes and I’m sure we will see Hyun Joong’s silliness as well.  He makes me laugh till I cry!  I am worrying about where I will find to watch the series here in US.  I am hoping crunchyroll or dramabeans carries it.  I will google it until I find it, just like I have done with his other tv appearances and shows.  Netflix is not that up on Kim Hyun Joong although they do carry BOF and PK.  They seem to be a couple years behind, though.  I will die if I can’t watch it IMMEDIATELY when it comes out.  Of course, I have to wait for the caring folks who translate for english subs.  I really love those people.  Someday I will be fluent in Korean and will be able to help with that.  I will post a link to City Conquest wherever I find it when it finally comes out.  For now go here to read a blip about Angel Joong in City Conquest:

So, I think we’ve all heard the news Hyun Joong came out as South Korea’s Most Handsome #1.  Are we surprised?  Hardly.  As we his adoring fans know, his beauty is not only outward.  His heart is so big and beautiful it shines through his eyes, face and smile.  When you see pictures of him, his aura is arresting.  I can only imagine seeing him in person.  I am SO jealous of those of you who have had the chance to do so.  And those who got to go to the handshake events!  OH!  I would hate you, but I can’t.    Being a fan of Hyun Joong’s keeps my envy in check.  I can just see his gentle eyes and hear his soft voice saying not to be upset with each other, or we’ll make him sniffle and tell us how helpless he feels when we are squabbling!  LOL!  That’s why he’s #1 Most Handsome.  His lovely soul!

Just in case you haven’t read about the Walking Sculpture Hyun Joong:

And one last look at the Angel of the East:  Kim Hyun Joong:

Walking Sculpture? Here he is a work of art. Exquisite like a Michaelangelo.

2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong: Angel in Hiding

  1. FanJoong says:

    This days, I miss Him so much.
    Thank for your article. It helps me to overcome the empty now.

  2. sugarmaple says:

    hello angie, yeah miss him too…but still we have his music to listen to, drama to watch, and all those video clips…thanks
    for your article…

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