Kim Hyun Joong: Angel Soul

I have learned from my Biblical studies that Angels don’t have souls.  This is the common teaching at any rate.  There is much lore about Angels and who they are and what their role is in Human Affairs, but the fact that they are soulless always puzzled me.  I just can’t wrap my head around a being of light that follow’s God’s commands and has no soul.  At any rate, those are the ethereal beings we think of as Angels.  I have known a few human Angels in my lifetime.  Or at least to my mind they are what I think of as Angels.  They are those types who are beautiful to witness because their soul just shines out of them with an aura that stops your heart.  This is what I see when I witness the being that is Kim Hyun Joong.  Of course, he is human.  But, there is this vulnerability and sincerity about him that makes him seem like he comes straight from Heaven.

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When he speaks, his voice is soft and tender.   It makes me feel like I am being gently wrapped in a soft, fluffy, warm feather comforter.  Angel’s wings.  His shyness indicates a humility that I have rarely seen.  He does not seem to really understand the power he has to touch a person so deeply, they are changed forever.  Of course, his physical beauty mesmerizes a person until they are lost.  But, as I have said before, there is good looking, and then there is an Angel.  It is the light of a pure soul that makes them an Angel on earth.  This is Hyun Joong.  A pure soul.  Vulnerable.  Open.  Honest.  Tender.  Kind.  Gentle.  Generous.  A broken heart with love spilling out and making the world a better place.  True Beauty is not just on the outside, as we have all heard.  When we watch Kim Hyun Joong, we finally know what this means.  I am so thankful he decided to share himself with the rest of the world as an artist and celebrity.  As I said earlier, I have met a few of these Angels on Earth.  But, they are truly few and far between.


His love of the color white amuses me because of this Angel fixation of mine.  He looks so pure and perfect in white.  He glows all the time, but when he wears white it is almost blinding.  We are instinctively drawn to the colors that reflect us the best.  I look terrible in white!  Ha!  I am a winter and wear mostly deep, rich colors.  These flatter my dark Italian skin and hair.  Of course, Hyun Joong looks good in EVERYTHING, but white is definitely his color.  That is surely why it is his favorite, and I believe it reflects his pure soul.

Let’s talk about those eyes.  Deep, dark, and arresting.  I struggle to find another descriptive word, but arresting is what they are.  You are frozen, captured, imprisoned.  They are a window into that pure white soul, and the depth of his spirit pulls you in.  I am unable to breathe sometimes when he gives the camera that intense stare.  And when he flashes those pearly whites?  Oh… like the pearly gates, I must say!  LOL!  And his smile goes all the way into his eyes, full and genuine.  That pure, sweet soul just shines out no matter what he is doing!  I am convinced that God let an Angel be born on earth to prove His love for the world.  How can you not believe in heaven after knowing Kim Hyun Joong?  keke

And so the question has been on my mind for over a week now… Why Hyun Joong?   There are a million reasons and none. I can admire other artists, but I can list the reasons for them… for Hyun Joong, my love just is. No conditions or reasons. It just is.  I try to describe my heart here in this place I have created for him out of the love that has tethered me across space and time to Kim Hyun Joong.  He is from a country I have never visited.  I hope to someday, but I will most likely never meet him as an equal.  I may get to shake his hand at a fan meeting if he comes to the US.  If I’m lucky, I might ask for a short interview for my little blogspot and he may or may not have time.  But, none of this matters.  There is a true and real connection on a spiritual level that I cannot deny.

Even kitty kat can’t take her eyes off Hyun Joong! ^^

His music is happy and fun.  Nothing special, really.  Professional, glamorous, flashy, entertaining.  Honestly, I have been more intrigued by some of the videos I have seen from BigBang!  But, as gorgeous as those boys are, they do not live in my heart.  They do not occupy my thoughts and stir my feelings to the level of love.  

Even a plain white T suits him. Beautiful. Thank you Kathy’s Bench.

And as we anticipate City Conquest, I think on Hyun Joong’s previous dramas.  They have been the typical kdrama fare.  I joke about the kdrama plot formula:  Prince meets plain or ordinary girl, love blossoms, there is always a mean girl rival, a hysterical mother or grandmother against the relationship, and a sweet or lovesick rival for the leading lady.  Set this in modern day, or historic… it’s really all the same.    But, I will watch this same old same old over and over just to see him perform.  Not so with other dramas.  I watch them once, and move on.  Hyun Joong just pulls me in, and I will replay again and again just to see him.  I’m sure it will be the same with City Conquest.  It may not be much of a plot difference from Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter.  But, I will enjoy it more because of Hyun Joong and knowing how hard he worked and how much of his heart and soul went into preparing.  I’m sure the character will take on this Angelic quality even though he is supposed to be rough and tumble.  He’ll just be a tough guy Angel.  Ha!  Can you see it?  It will be the scenes where he is rescuing someone who needs help, or making justice come about that will capture us.  We will see him as a hero.  An Angel on earth carrying out the judgement of Heaven.  I can’t wait, it will be so beautiful and fun.

From this comic still of City Conquest, you can see why Hyun Joong was chosen to portray Baek Mir. The resemblence is uncanny. Thanks Hyunnie for this. Click this image to see the full spread on Hyunnies blog.

His appearances on reality / variety shows are nothing other artists and stars haven’t done.  I have admired the looks of other hallyhu stars to be sure.  I have their pictures on my computer.  But Hyun Joong has his own folder in my pictures and there are at least 6 shots of him compared to 1 shot of anyone else.  And, I have remembered his name with ease.  I have struggled with some of the other Korean names.  There are some I still cannot remember without looking them up.  But Kim Hyun Joong flowed off of my lips as if I had been saying his name all of my life.  It was foreign but beautiful and so sensual I could taste it on my tongue.  Strangeness.  When I first began to notice him, I could not understand why this was so.  I still cannot describe the reasons.  He is just embedded deep in my heart.  A soul to soul connection was made, and nothing can break it or take me away.  I will be here forever.  Captured by the Angel of the East:  Kim Hyun Joong.

Thanks for this anime boy looking photo.

6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong: Angel Soul

  1. LazerKim says:

    Hi Angie! oh I asked myself the same question “why him”?? I am still a new fan I have been following him for months everyday of my life and yet i haven’t found the answer. They said, if you love a person there should not be a reason why. What if he lose that reason or you couldn’t find it that reason from him anymore as to why you fell for him, will you not love him anymore? I was once asked this question that gave me some thinking. Even if Hyun Joong lose his handsome face, even he no longer is in the lime light I would still love him as he is because I have learned to love him as a person for what he is on earth.
    I share the same thoughts with you except one thing, I didn’t know his real name when i watched him at BOF!!! And i even struggle to remember it after knowing his name !!LOL And the worst part, I did not recognize him when i first saw him !!!
    Thank you so much for sharing another good article it’s so refreshing to me, angel is the best to describe Hyun Joong.

    • ohcheonsa says:

      Thanks LK! *smiles* About the name thing, it was so strange. Maybe because I WANTED to remember it so badly, but really his name is like velvet on my tongue… it just rolls off sweetly. That was before I knew ANY Korean whatsoever! Just another sign to me that it was an otherworldly connection!

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  3. gtk says:

    angels are created by God and is a celestial being. angels are called servants of God and there are many type of angels, there are angel that sing praise to God every day, before lucifer sin again God, he is was cherub alway playing music and sing praises to God, the arch angel are micheal and gabriel, michael is a warrior, fighting against the devil , Satan the fallen angel called lucifer and his gangs who was crush down from heaven and now a wanderer going around to deceived people ,do bad, and gabriel is a messenger of God sending message of God to his people, Gabriel was send to Mary the mother of Jesus to give her the good news that she has conceived a child Jesus that was from God and not from man, Gabriel was also send to Daniel to deliver a message that God has heard his prayer, but was delaid because satan tried to stop him to go to Daniel and Michael the arch angel had to come and fight the devel and allow gabriel to send the message to Daniel, the book of daniel it tell you the story, and there many lower level angels and all angel got name.

    Now i was wandering why people called kim hyun joong an angel, married to an angel etc etc. He is a christain believe in Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the bible says if any man believe in Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and he is the heir of the father (God the Father) and join heir with the Son (Jesus Christ)
    Kim Hyun Joong is the son of God and a heir, and not a servant, angel is servant of God, angels are to protect God’s children, the bibile says that God always send his angels to protect his people.

    Kim Hyun Joong is kim hyun joong the name was given by his parents and he is not an angel, but the child of mr amd mrs kim ……..

    • ohcheonsa says:


      I am also a Christian and I appreciate your opinion. I am not saying Kim Hyun Joong is ACTUALLY an Angel. I am using literary license here and using it as a Metaphor. It is not to be taken literally. We call humans ‘angel’ as a term of affection. I know the lore on Angels as I was a Bible major in college. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am just expressing my affection for him. I have no disillusions that he is some kind of celestial being. I know he is a human being. I just love him a lot and want to express that love. I call my dog ‘angel’ too… his name is Japanese, Tenshi, it means ‘angel.’ It does not mean I think my dog is an angel either. Lol! Please just enjoy my creative license if you will and see it as an affectionate term like baby, honey, or sweetie.



  4. Sharon says:

    I am totally in love with this, after reading it I genuinely feel like you’ve written everything on my mind…I’m probably reading it a LONG time after you published it but I had to comment. I understand your love for him…the whole “occupying thoughts” thing I felt like the only one…I hope one day I meet him (If he ever comes to England, that is) anyway thanks for publishing this, I love it!

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