2 thoughts on “[INSPIRATION] For Kim Hyun Joong:  A Wing and a Prayer

  1. crazy4hyun says:

    Reblogged this on Hyunnies Pexers's Blog and commented:
    Another good article to read at times like these ………….. Pray that KHJ (and us) will all get over this ordeal very soon …….

  2. samy says:

    I hope you will be fine Kimo Oppa ♥
    I hope all this hard time will pass and live ur life as a great, cute, honest and wonderful person
    I hope that people who hate you try to understand you like we do
    You are the first and only idol that I wish him all the best and live a happy life
    keep it up and remember u have us, forget about people who are trying to weaken u and who wants to be broken
    wish u all the best again and again
    with love
    a loyal arab fan
    🙂 ♥

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