[Non-Fan Account English Translation] “When I Worked As An Extra in INSPIRING GENERATION”

another account of how our Kim Hyun Joong is in person. I am so grateful to these people who are not fans, but who have first hand experiences of how kind and special Hyun Joong is coming out to share and support him.

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And this is one of the many reasons why we love KIM HYUN JOONG …  Thanks Lala for the translate


Tweet/Translation Credit:   

by an IG extra girl, Hye Byeol (from dc Hyun Joong gallery)


“I was a background actor appearing (in IG) a couple of times without line…
While I was listening to Hyun Joong oppa’s song, I had a flash of memory, so I am writing this.

While shooting IG, it was really cold and suffering for everyone including leading actors, supporting actors, extras and staff.
One day we went back home after shooting, Hyun Joong oppa stepped on my foot.
It was not hard and he was exhausted.
Besides, he’s a Hallyu star, so I didn’t expect if he would apologize to an extra like me.
I have some work experiences as an extra for other dramas, and I know usually…

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