How I met and fell in love with Kim Hyun Joong

I first met Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers.  I fell in love with this quiet, brilliant young man with a heart of gold.  His character was rather tragic in that he fell in love with Geum Jan Di who chose Goo Jun Pyo.  Our hearts ached and broke for him in his unrequited love. 

Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo
Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo

After watching Boys Over Flowers all the way through twice in a row on netflix, I began researching the actors.  I was interested in Lee Min Ho (Goo Jun Pyo) and Kim Hyun Joong.  I discovered Lee Min Ho in City Hunter and thoroughly enjoyed the series.  But, it was my discovery of Kim Hyun Joong that changed my life.   I learned he had done a song for the OST of Boys over Flowers called Because I’m Stupid.  The title made me giggle, but when I read the English Lyrics, I understood the meaning, and it was sobering and sad.  I had wondered if he was actually a musician by his performances on many instruments in the drama.  I was pleased to learn he and his group SS501 had done a couple of songs on the OST.   I went online to find them and dowload them to my phone immediately.   These songs were my first introduction to Korean Pop Music, and I was hooked.

I couldn’t really explain why the music of a man young enough to be my son appealed to me so much.  I really was not into the boy band craze ‘back in the day’ here in the US.  That era was during my college years, and I was a bit too old to be a ‘teeny bopper,’ the term we gave those who were into groups like Backstreet Boys and NSync.  Not to kock any of them.  Some members such as Mark Wahlberg and Justin Timberlake have gone on to be quite accomplished and mature artists/actors. 

So, when my cousin who is one year older than I pointed out that Kim Hyun Joong was really just an Asian Justin Timberlake, I had to really think about why he had influenced me to listen to his music and others in the kpop industry as well as begin Korean language lessons.  I researched Korean History, Culture, Customs and Food.  I became obsessed with everything Korean all because of Kim Hyun Joong.  I even devised a way for this completely broke DWF to make it to Korea on someone else’s dime.  I would become a TESOL.  I am still working out how that will be accomplished, but it is now my dream to become a TESOL who specializes in Teaching English to Asian Speakers.  I want to devise a program using all types of tools to help Asian Speakers become fluent and to speak without accents.  I’ll blog more on this later.  The point is KIM HYUN JOONG started it all.

So, what was it about him?  Good looks?  Talent?  Well, these are the things that attracted me in the first place, but Lee Min Ho is also good looking and talented.  All the members of SS501 are also good looking and talented.  Along with many other Korean hallyhu stars I have been introduced to through my exploration of Korean pop culture.  But, Kim Hyun Joong has something none of those others have.  Something intangible.  Something magnetic and mesmerizing.  It’s just Kim Hyun Joong.  It’s hard to explain.  So, I will illustrate through his actions.

The first thing that took my breath away (although I was already hooked) was the reports of his handshake fan meetings.  That he would shake hands or hi-five everyone of his 3,000 or 5,000 fans after a rigorous two hour concert… I was awe struck.  I’d never heard of any such thing.  It was unbelievable.  When I read that he was unhappy after the Japanese fan meetings attended by 60,000 fans because he was unable to meet them… well, I am speechless.  I have never heard of an artist who is so in love with his fans.  So thankful to them for their devotion.  It’s unbelievable.  This is the heart of Kim Hyun Joong.  This is what has taken hold of my heart with fierce admiration.  It’s really hard for me to express how this young man from across the world has reached out and taken hold of me.  He is truly special.  His aura is so powerful and beautiful.  I want to be this amazing.  I want to shine the way Kim Hyun Joong does.

The second thing that pulled me in was his work ethic.  He wants to be the best he can be at everything he does.  He sings.  He dances.  He has artistic control of his music and production (this is very rare with Korean pop artists).  He keeps himself in good shape.  He plays soccer.  And now, he is focusing on acting.  Every interview or sound bite I hear, he is talking about working hard to improve himself and give his fans the best he can give.    He has said that he will always keep his followers interested with his activities.  And he does.  What he sets out to do, he delivers.  Without fail.  This has inspired me more than any other person I have met.   Not that others don’t work hard, or deliver amazing performances.  It’s just Kim Hyun Joong.  He is so passionate and humble.  He takes nothing for granted.

The third aspect was his personality.  He is called 4D or 4th Dimensionsal, a Korean term that means someone who lives in their own world.  Alien is another term I have heard used.  He is just himself without fear.  It is so refreshing it almost brings me to tears.  I identify with him so… I have always been a bit of a loner, different than my family, my co-workers, my school mates.  I don’t identify much with anyone.  My world is a place of positivity, love, openness, freedom to just be myself.  I get confused when others don’t see life the way I do.  When others hold back because of their fear of not fitting in.  I don’t care much what others think, and neither does Kim Hyun Joong.  He says what is on his mind.  Does what he thinks is right.  Loves with all his heart.  Lives with all his passion.  He gives me the courage to live that way too, and stop berating myself for not understanding the rest of the world.  He is such a wonderful role model, even I want to follow him regardless of  the fact that he is so much younger than I am.  And by the way, I find his frankness to be hilarious.  He makes me laugh so much, and laughter is definitely the best medicine for the soul.  Thank you, KHJ for just being you.

The final nail in my cross was the Alien Family, his fans.  They are just as gentle, humble, intelligent, respectful and generous as their idol.  When I read comments on blogs written by his fans, or articles about how they have generously given to charity or sponsored other fans to go to his fan meetings, I am pulled in.  I want to be a part of this beautiful family.  I AM a part of it… because I love Kim Hyun Joong as they do.  When I saw that Hyun Joong posts a message to his fans on his official site at Key East his production company whenever he gets a chance in his busy schedule, I was just in disbelief.  The level of interaction this man has with his fans is unprecedented.  Un.  Freaking.  Believable.  That’s all I have to say.

As I blog on my experience here, I will give my impressions, thoughts and feelings about Hyun Joong’s activities.  He is so busy, I know I will be pressed to keep up with him.  I have many great sources which I will list on the side bar under following and websites so you can check out the articles I am using.  I will provide links where you can read all about his stats as I don’t believe relisting them here is an efficient use of my time.  I only offer this one piece of Kim Hyun Joong trivia.  Apparently his favorite color is WHITE.  I think that is so fitting.  He shines more brightly than any star and as far as I am concerned he has beautiful Angel Wings.  He is the Angel of the East:  Kim Hyun Joong.

42 thoughts on “How I met and fell in love with Kim Hyun Joong

  1. sugarmaple says:

    hi angel! i first met khj last year through BOfand because of him i was cured of my almost depression when my plans did not worked out on time..i was in saudi arabia ..anyway, he is my stress reliver and his my happy thoughts..and now being here in US and so far away from my family he keeps me entertained and filled up my lonely days…I like him as an artist for he is so versatile in such a way that he fits in everything that he does from. i never had a dull moment watching him, i will always have a smile..and keeps my mind in one piece..he is frank and so honest..that is one of his charms, and doing his best in is one shot as he said…he is so passionate to his craft that he will even hold a concert for free when he will have a lot of money just for his fans.. hopefully i can attend in one of his concerts someday..hopefully he will have it here in chicago..anyway, i love your blog..lazerkim introduced it to me..thanks..

    • ohcheonsa says:


      I am glad to hear he has saved you from depression. I have suffered from deep depression and ongoing depression most of my life. It is just something I have learned I have to live with and manage with medication and self therapy. I understand how following Hyun Joong can be part of that ongoing therapy for my soul.

      I read in an article once that Hyun Joong suffered from it also when he was young. I can see that being true. He reminds me of myself a lot because his heart is so tender and his soul is so vulnerable. Life is very harsh, and others are very cold. They are closed because of fear. Hyun Joong is so open and honest, and sometimes people are harsh to a soft heart. I know this because I have always been the same. My parents tried to “toughen me up” when I was young because they knew the world would hurt me a lot. The problem is, when you are this type of personality, “toughen up” is just not possible. I ache for close and meaningful relationships in a way that others just don’t seem to understand.

      I think they are afraid to be vulnerable and open and raw. They are afraid that if we know who they really are, we will abandon them as others have. I am not that type. I love deeply, and with all my heart. I think that’s why I relate to Hyun Joong so much. He lives without fear. He says what he means. He loves deeply and honestly. I would not be surprised if this has been as painful and confusing for him as it has been for us when others just don’t seem to “get” us.

      I do hope that we can continue to love and support each other through our common bond in Hyun Joong. That is why I see him as an Angel. He has united those who are in like mind and heart with him. We are an Alien Family that is learning we are not alone in the world. We have Hyun Joong, and each other.

      Take care of yourself, and if you ever need support, please e-mail me at anytime. That goes for any of my readers as well! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. lama says:

    how i can contact with kim hyun joong?
    i want to tell him somthing important!!

    • ohcheonsa says:

      I have moved my blog here:

      His official KeyEast address is on the sidebar there. It is for fan letters and gifts. Contacting Kim Hyun Joong personally is not really possible. I am not sure if he will read your letter, but it’s worth a try. If you really wanted to meet him, you’d have to go to one of his fan signing events. I don’t know when or where these would be held, but you can check his schedule at I hope this helps.

  3. lama says:

    please i need a help ,

  4. lama says:

    i need to talk with kim bum or kim joon or himm its important so please can anyone help me??!

  5. ゆき says:

    I agree totally. I too am older than khj but im so impressed and inspired by his life, passion and everything about him. He has such a beautiful heart and always give his best in everything he undertake. I would love and look forward that as I age, i could continue to hear of him and be encourage and inspire. Hope that God will continue to open doors for him to continuously deliver delightful work to his fans everywhere. Also may God preserve his beautiful heart always and may his kind, loving, sentimental, filial, humble, persevering and unique childlike (pure) heart continue to mature handsomely and be contagious and positively influence every level of generation. Im so proud of him and also happy for his family to have such a wonderful child and really thank God for His covering in his life, else we won’t have such great pleasure in discovering his delightful work ^^

  6. mann says:

    you feel exactly like me for our adorable and honest khj

    • angeljoong86 says:

      Thank you for leaving your thought. I am always glad to hear from readers. It brings me back to the past articles I have written and I can read from other readers who have left their comments and remind myself of how many friends I have because of Kim Hyun Joong. Blessings to you!

      • mann says:

        that friend part in reply was really sweet:)

      • angeljoong86 says:

        thanks! I really mean that. The people I have met through my blog and through LazeKim’s blog have really become friends to me. It does not matter that we are from different countries and backgrounds or even different ages. We are all united by our love for Hyun Joong. And he is such an amazing role model… our l lives have all been changed for the better. If you are a new fan, I’d like to say ‘welcome’ to Alien Family! If you are a veteran fan, then you may have experienced this for yourself. It’s always great to make a new friend. Especially if you have a common focus. My prayer is that we can share our blessings with each other as we are blessed by KHJ and his wonderful personality. If you want to read more current articles just go here: If you want, you can sign up for notifications of new posts there. Thanks for commenting. I am always appreciative as I know a lot of readers prefer to stay silent. Blessings!

  7. arhin says:

    and how can i fall in luv

  8. ESTHER says:


  9. prachi says:

    hi, Can i ask something?
    does he read letters from his fans personally?

    • angeljoong86 says:

      Hyun Joong would not be able to personally read all of his mail. If you want to get him a message, the best way is to try to hand it to him in person at an airport or fan meeting. if you are like me, and live oceans away… the best chance for him to see your messages is to post on some of his fan sites like the cafe at or on a fan blog like this one… he has been known to lurk on the fan blogs and even post comments anonymously! 😀 there is really no way of guaranteeing he will read your message, unfortunately. I just believe my good wishes reach him through the Universe. I honestly don’t even know if he got my christmas present last year. I just have to hope and believe with my heart that he got it and treasures it. I know he does love homemade gifts. sorry, i wish i could say YES!!! but, practically, it is just not possible.

  10. prachi says:

    Hi dear ! I heard he is very simple and polite guy and he has a collection of gifts from his fans and he’s crazzy for his fans. Do you still think he does not like homemade gifts?

  11. prachi says:

    I know it’s personal but can I know KHJ’s Time of birth?

  12. prachi says:

    hey dear please don’t mind my question but have you really met him at least once?

    • angeljoong86 says:

      No…. Lol! I would love to, of course. I don’t have a lot of $ to travel to S Korea. It is a dream to do so and I will someday. If he comes to the US again sometime… I hope he holds a fan meeting. I only heard that he was here once… in CA shooting some print work I believe. I would do anything short of selling my soul to get to a fan meeting on US soil. Please, KEYEAST! Send him soon! Lol!

      • niheel says:

        hello can u give me khj personal blog fcb or twitter ? i need to talk to him plz

      • angeljoong86 says:

        I am sorry sweetie. Hyun Joong is not really into the social networks. He only has a Weibo account. It is Chinese. I haven’t been able to figure out how to sign up for it yet. Even so… you would not be able to just chat with him. He would not add you back as following. He has hundreds of thousands of followers. Like I said to another fan here…. the only way to give him a message is to try handing it personally to him at a fan meeting or other public appearance. Having a one on one conversation with him is nearly imossible. Odds would be one in a million. This is just the facts of a celebrity life. He could not possibly accommodate all the people who are desperate to tlak to him.

  13. Sugan says:

    i like kim

  14. mojirade says:

    I also fell in love with. Kim hyun joong when I watched boys before flowers, he is just awesome,handsome,whatever you can think of ,I wish to meet him

  15. karen petit says:

    im still one of his biggest fans inspite of the scandal he sure his a good guy as he is man enough to admit his mistakes..nobody is perfect,so fighting oppa:-) from now on just try to leave clean and become a better person!

  16. Mary says:

    Me too love oppa. No matter wht we will always cheer for u. Fighting! 🙂

  17. jaya says:

    nice actor and excellent singer

  18. sweety says:

    Hai i am your fan from india

  19. Angela dominic says:

    hi..I just wana say that i love khj so much…And i know hes facing a lot presently,but he should never give up hope because we his fans will forever give him our love and support..

  20. Noliwe says:

    I love Kim Hyun with all of my heart,and i will do everything in my power so I do not die before i see you face to face

  21. Brittany says:

    Everything you said is exactly how I feel also. I would like to meet him personally one day. His personality makes him even more attractive.

  22. Chung Chung La says:

    I cud relate myself with wateva i read just now….. i too m a loner & speak my mind all the time etc. I too LOVE Kim Hyun Joong more than any1… he leaves me day dreaming … ♡♡♡ Ah! I too first researched on Lee Min Ho but Kim Hyun Joong leaves me helplessly in love with him… I researched every bit of him…. & the more i read abt him, the more i watch his interviews … the more i fall fo him… i swear i neva was a fan of any1… nor was i ‘Korean’ fan! Kim Hyun Joong began it all…. & he is the 1 who pulled me to this blog…. i heard and read his feelins fo his fans…. i left many mails but neva rwcievd a reply…. i m HURT…i fo 1ce consoled my heart sayinh that he is very busy workim fo his fans…1ce i swore not to think of him anymoe…but no….. i m in LOVE with him…. please help me contact him (if yu hav) ….please! I wana talk to him…. at least a reply wud leave me contented until i die… please

  23. ahalyagkim says:

    Hi, I am very impressed by your story. Like you he is my inspiration. I am from india after reading about khj I became his fan and now I am successfully achieved my goal. My day won’t start without seeing his cute smile and my day won’t end without him. I am totally fallen into the magic trap called Kim hyun joong. He is my role model. But now I am feeling so… Much about his scandal but his positive nature makes me happy and really he is khj so even he is not revealing the identity of that choi. Such a kind hearted person I never see in my love life. Even he is suffering a lot because of her but he once revealed her identity the fans won’t leave her. He knows that so he is not revealing her identity . such a beautiful heart. Love you khj as my inspiration, role model, my teacher.

  24. swati suman says:

    I like jihoo so so much..really love you…

  25. I just loved this article about kin hyun joong. he seems to be pretty successful in hooking people to Korean culture, since I know that it was he who pulled me into K-pop and Kdrama. I wish him all the success.

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