4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong: Serious Angel, Generous Angel

  1. dandelionhyun69 says:

    As a starter there’s already a lot to write about Hyunjoong,right?Oh,I don’t have the ability to write things about him so I’ll just stick into reading and being a follower.^^ I’m sure as the days goes by he will inspire you more to write articles about him as he never fails to surprise us his fans in everything he does.I will certainly be checking updates of this site too.So keep it up and spread how good our man’s worth to his fans..take care..

  2. LazerKim says:

    Knock knock!! At last I found my way to this beautiful blog site, i love it! Congratulations I’m truly happy for you to have open another place where the Aliens can share. Fill this blog with much love because Hyun Joong started his Alien family through the gift of love for his fans that we do all enjoy with him. And yes Hyun Joong indeed is an angel to all of us, thank you so much for sharing this heartwarming blog site, it’s beautiful. I wish you all the luck and let’s spread the name Kim Hyun Joong!! Take care, have a nice Hyun Joong day! God bless…

    • ohcheonsa says:

      Thanks LazerKim! I am honored that you are pleased. I will always read your daily dose because it makes me feel so good to hear your heart for Kim Hyun Joong! I truly appreciate your support!

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